About Fearless Branding

Defining your unique brilliance

Fearless Branding works with experts who are at the top of their game, but whose firms are not realizing their full potential.

Frequently, professional services and consulting firms deliver powerful, unique expertise but they don’t reap the rewards because the way they define their value is generic. They’re not controlling their own narrative.

They haven’t given their prospective clients a powerful answer to their most important question: “Why should we choose you?”

For over 20 years, I’ve worked with expert firms to become more focused and fearless. They get clear, they get confident, and they make more money.

Achieving these results starts with a decision to define your difference and put a bolder message out into the world.

Working together, we will make the tough decisions, define the strategies and develop the winning narrative that will propel your business forward.

Over time, I have seen that when my clients develop a Fearless Brand, their results accelerate exponentially. They attract better prospects. They start winning more lucrative engagements.

My life’s work is helping you
be more fearless

A realization: great brands do more than sell stuff

I started my career as a “Mad Man” in big New York advertising agencies. Then I was hired by a client to be the brand manager for The Budget Gourmet, a $400 million frozen food brand owned by Kraft.

Next, I worked on Coffee-Mate at Nestle. I thought the stuff was crap and I hated it. Marketing artificial powder was not a good use of my talents.

Just when I was about to quit marketing, I had a realization: some brands were defining themselves in ways that were both more authentic and more lucrative.

Coffee-Mate represented the old way of branding, but brands like Apple, Nike and Tiffany represented a more powerful approach.

Reverse engineering valuable (and fearless) global brands

Over time, I reverse-engineered what drove the success of these brands. I was fascinated to discover that they shared the same approach: each brand was built around a single, meaningful idea. For example:

Apple: The creator
Nike: The hero
Tiffany: Love

The idea became the brand’s central organizing principle, informing everything it said and did.

It was so much more than a slogan or ad campaign. The brand idea was the theme of an enduring narrative that their best customers became a part of.

I committed to help my clients use the same branding approach to drive interest and fierce client loyalty

I started Fearless Branding with the mission of bringing the strategic thinking used by the brands I admired to smaller businesses.

As my business evolved, I worked with a variety of firms including law, consulting, design, executive coaching, insurance and financial advisors.

Although the businesses were different from each other, they had one essential thing in common: owners needed to sit down with a potential client, articulate their firm’s value and find out if there is a fit.

Without a unique narrative, selling is hard.

With client after client, I saw that firms needed help defining their value and differentiating from competition.

Without a compelling brand story, these firms had trouble getting into conversations they wanted with the right potential clients. And they weren’t winning the engagements they rightfully deserved.

A fearless brand makes the difference

Over time, I have seen that when my clients develop a Fearless Brand their results accelerate exponentially. They attract better prospects. They start winning more lucrative engagements.

In every case, the client’s success was built on the foundational work we did to define their core brand idea and create a narrative that articulates their value in a unique and compelling way.

You take a deeper dive. It’s profound. You helped me figure out what my business is about and then hone how I talk about it in a concise and effective way.

Paul Katz
Katz Appellate Law