Not just more clients.
The right clients.

How much could your firm grow if you told your story more effectively?

A Fearless Brand is a narrative that attracts your best clients, frames your value and answers the question: “Why choose you?”

Here’s how we can work together to create your Fearless Brand:

Brand Vision

Create a powerful brand story that differentiates you from your competitors

Brand Vision is a comprehensive engagement that includes vision setting, brand positioning and research that defines your business’s competitive advantage and how to communicate it.


A winning brand narrative. You’ll know exactly how to tell your firm’s story in a compelling, differentiated way. It will transform everything you say in your marketing and business development.

Clarity about your competitive advantage. Define and articulate what your business delivers that your competitors don’t – including how you make your clients feel.

Deep understanding of your clients and prospects. We’ll define a clear profile of your ideal clients. You’ll gain insight into what they need and how they make decisions.

Guidance about how to use your brand when you sell. You’ll communicate your full value throughout the marketing and sales process.

A clear vision for your business’s identity. Your Fearless Brand is the central organizing principle for everything you say and do in your business. It will keep you focused and get your team aligned.


Brand Vision meetings with you (and your team)

  • Gives you time and structure to think deeply about your business
  • Precisely formulated questions / interviews lead to a bigger, more fearless vision

In-depth interviews with clients, prospects and colleagues

  • Understand the needs and motivations of clients and prospects
  • Identify opportunities for new revenue
  • Objective feedback: learn what you are doing well; uncover any concerns
  • Discover how clients talk about the value you provide

Competitive analysis

  • Learn how your competitors communicate
  • Ensure your messages are strong and differentiated versus competition
  • Determine your optimal position


Brand Vision engagements include written documentation of our work. Clients refer to it for years after the engagement to make critical decisions and stay on brand.

There are three key deliverables:

Your Brand Vision

Explanation of your brand strategy and narrative. Your Brand Vision is the strategic foundation that ensures all of your marketing and sales conversations tell your story consistently and powerfully.

Insights and recommendations from In-Depth Interviews

Documentation of what we learn from speaking with your clients, prospects and strategic alliances, and recommendations for using the insight to grow your business.

Competitive analysis

Insight into how your competitors are positioning their firms and marketing their services.

Marketing and Business Development Plans

Make your brand work for your business

A Fearless Brand will make your marketing and sales efforts more effective. A Marketing and Business Development Plan will clarify your goals, identify the right strategies to achieve them, and keep you focused and accountable.


Most professional services and consulting firms need to focus on the same key elements:

  1. A clear market position and brand strategy (See Brand Vision)
  2. Foundational marketing that reflects your brand, including:
    • Name
    • Logo
    • Tagline
    • Website
    • Thought leadership pieces (White papers, assessments, guides)
    • LinkedIn profile
  3. Consistent outreach to your audience
    • Writing: Content communicating your point of view and success stories.
    • Speaking engagements
    • Networking and personal outreach
    • Events and conferences (sponsoring and attending)
  4. Conversations with right-fit prospects who become clients
    • Referral nurturing
    • Assessments and “problem hunting”
    • Lead qualification
    • Using your brand to frame your value
    • Finding fit
    • Being paid for the value you deliver


We’ll customize a plan that leverages your brand to grow your business.

We’ll identify:

  • Your business’s measurable objectives
  • The strategies that will be most effective for your
  • The right resources to do the work
  • Timelines
  • Budgets
  • Who’s accountable


Once your plan is complete we’ll establish a regular meeting cadence to review progress towards your goals and work on current marketing/business development initiatives.

Brand Implementation

Make it connect

A brilliant strategy only works if it connects with the people you need to take action. Will they feel what you want them to feel?

Everything you say and show to prospects, clients and colleagues elicits an emotional reaction. That’s why the words and images you choose are so important.

We’ll create your brand so it inspires action.

It will deliver an extraordinary return on your investment for many years.

What we do:

Fearless Branding creates the tools you will use to bring your brand to life and motivate your best prospects to choose you:

  • Logos and brand identity
  • Taglines
  • Websites (Design and copywriting)
  • Thought leadership: white papers, manifestos, assessments, etc.
  • Messages and approach for business development conversations

Brand Coaching

A rigorous collaboration that will grow your business

Brand Coaching is a “Done-with-You” engagement designed for smaller firms and solo professionals and consultants. It’s an accelerated approach to defining your Fearless Brand, so clients understand exactly why they should hire your firm – not your competition.

We’ll work together to clarify your vision, get input from your clients, prospects and strategic partners, and complete a competitive analysis.


You’ll emerge with:

  • Clarity about your competitive advantage and differentiation
  • Differentiated messages that communicate your unique value
  • The ability to tell your story powerfully and fearlessly in marketing and business development conversations
  • An effective marketing and business development plan