Linda Galindo is an executive coach and leadership consultant who helps leaders and their teams leverage the power of accountability. She came to Fearless Branding because she wanted to make sure that potential clients understood the power of her work. Here’s what she told me:

I knew my work was at a high caliber, but I didn’t feel that I was fully communicating it through my brand.

The noise in my space was growing, so I knew my message needed to be more focused. I had to be intentional: What kind of clients do I want to attract? What is going to set me apart?  

I knew I needed someone to help me define how I want to be perceived and create a strong brand. 

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Linda Galindo’s brand narrative “The Straight Truth” is inspired by the folktale, The Emperor’s New Clothes.  

Linda embodies the energy of the little boy who has the courage to speak truth to power. There are many parallels in today’s corporate world.

The brand “The Straight Truth” gave Linda the focus she needed to communicate her value and differentiate her offers.

Linda says conversations often start with a leader asking her to make their organization more accountable. She won’t do it. Instead, she holds up a mirror to the leader and tells them, “You can’t mandate that your team become more accountable; you can only demonstrate it. Accountability starts with you.”  

It’s the same thing as the little boy exclaiming to the emperor, “You’re naked!”  It requires honesty, courage and strength.

There’s no disconnect between how I show up and the brand we developed. Everything I do is about delivering The Straight Truth.

When I talk to a client, they are very clear about who I am going to be in the process and whether it’s for them or not.

There’s no question there’s been an improvement in my client base. 

I attract clients at the CEO level. By looking at my brand, and how I personify it, clients can understand the caliber of my work. 

Investing in my brand cuts out the need to go into great lengths when I speak with a prospect. The right clients see my value.

My brand helps to attract the clients I want, instead of all comers. The clarity of the brand has culled out people who shouldn’t be contacting me, while the clients that are ready for my work know it when they see it.

“Don’t let the caliber of your brand fall behind where you have brought yourself to in your craft.

I attract clients at the CEO level. By looking at my brand, and how I personify it, clients can understand the caliber of my work.

Linda Galindo
Galindo Consulting