Consistently landing multi-million dollar cases

Marjorie Heinrich, owner of Heinrich Law, was at the top of her field as a Personal Injury attorney, but she wasn’t attracting enough of the cases worth $ 1 million and up that she really wanted.

Marjorie and her team had a powerful story – but they weren’t telling it.

Despite significant investment, their website was generic, their messaging was flat, and their marketing wasn’t producing the results they needed. When Marjorie parted ways with her SEO-focused marketing firm she told them, “You’re marketing me like a frozen dinner, but I’m a five-star meal!”

As a result of the firm’s generic marketing, potential clients did not have a clear reason to choose Heinrich Law over other firms in this very competitive field.

Before my firm and website were branded properly, I had a harder time landing seven-and-eight-figure cases.

I was paying serious money to an SEO firm, but they didn’t care about me, my story, or my background. They just threw up a generic website. It didn’t bring me the clients I wanted.

See website: HEINRICH LAW

Fearless Branding defined Heinrich Law’s unique brand story: a modern day re-telling of David and Goliath.

Marjorie Heinrich achieved great success as an defense attorney working for big insurance companies. Then she realized she was fighting on the wrong side.

Her soul-searching led to her true calling: fighting for people who have been catastrophically injured and need to battle giant insurance companies, corporations and governments.

Because of her training “Behind Enemy Lines,” Marjorie knows how to beat these giants – and win multi-million-dollar victories for her clients.

Through Brand Vision, we uncovered Heinrich Law’s truth: Marjorie and her team were warriors. “We Will Be Your Warriors” is a rallying cry that encapsulates their value, defines who they are at their core, and speaks to the deepest needs of their ideal clients.

Here’s what Marjorie had to say a year after the refreshed brand and website launched about why her firm’s narrative sets her up to win:

I’m consistently landing seven-and-eight-figure cases. Now, I compete with the best personal injury lawyers in California.

Working with Fearless Branding absolutely worked. It changed my life, my career, and my confidence.

Now I’ve got that one two punch. I have the confidence to meet with clients to talk about why I’m the perfect fit for them. Then I say, ‘If you want to learn more about who I am, take a look at my website: see the results, see the testimonials. You’ll understand on a deeper level how I’m going to be your warrior and win for you.’

It’s worked over and over again since my firm was rebranded and our website was completed. I’m landing the clients I really want.

I love our brand and website. It tells my story. It catapulted my career and the size of clients I’m landing.

Marjorie Heinrich
Heinrich Law