Paul Katz, owner of Katz Appellate Law, had an impressive record of appellate victories, but his firm wasn’t realizing its potential.  When Paul came to Fearless Branding, he wasn’t in control of his firm’s narrative:

I’m a certified appellate law specialist.  I have complete confidence in my abilities. I have won a large portion of appeals I’ve argued.  But I didn’t know how to distinguish myself from other appellate lawyers – so my business development wasn’t as effective as I needed it to be to hit my goals. 

There’s always an explicit or implicit question: “Why should I hire you over someone else?”

I didn’t have the right language to convey to referring attorneys and clients why they would be more successful in their appeal if they hired me.


Through Brand Vision, Paul defined his competitive advantage based on his unique method of winning appeals.

We identified a initial critical insight that became the seed of Paul’s unique approach:

Many appellate lawyers focus their appellate brief too narrowly on the facts of the case. This is not a winning strategy. The facts of a case are only part of what appellate judges consider.

My philosophy is that appellate judges think about how an individual case impacts the law holistically, leading to decisions that make the law work better for everyone. 

In our work together, we developed the language Paul needed. His approach is now articulated through his new brand and website.

Katz Appellate Law’s strengthened brand has led to better clients, higher fees and more lucrative engagements.   Attracting and signing new clients is easier, because the firm’s value proposition is clearer and more distinctive.

Representative results include:

  • Significantly increased fees
  • Landing larger cases more frequently and more efficiently

A representative win:

I recently signed a client for a substantial appeal. My website had already done much of the selling in advance. By the time he called me, the client understood my strengths and knew he wanted to hire me.

Here is Paul’s take on how Brand Vision helped him gain clarity and feel more confident about his business:

Our talks have been exciting because they’ve made me think deeply about what matters to me about my practice. It’s serving to give me a lot more motivation and it’s giving me a real boost. 

You helped me figure out what my business is about and then hone how I talk about it in a concise way. 

I feel a lot more confidence. I know I have a specific methodology, a perspective, a special way that I do appeals, and I have the language to talk about it. 

My brand gives clients and referral partners insight into how I do the work – and gives them a reason to choose me. 

You take a deeper dive. It’s profound. The work you do is about more than ‘this will improve your business or you’ll make more money.’  It is also deeply personal. I want my business to reflect who I am. Working with you helped me to define it and articulate it more effectively.

My brand gives clients and referral partners insight into how I do the work – and gives them a reason to choose me.

Paul Katz
Katz Appellate Law